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Hello, introductions. I'm Jessepinwheel, and I make stuff. I've been writing since 2005-ish, and I like talking about storytelling and creative work. I also occasionally write stories, most of which have supernatural elements.

Here's what to expect:

  • Short stories and not-so-short stories (Both original and fan fiction)

  • Commentary on above (Mostly things I've been thinking about in the process of writing)

  • Musings on writing/storytelling in general

  • Shameless self-promotion

If you're interested in writing, then cool—I am, too! You're in the right place.

If you're interested in art or animation, that's cool, too. You'll be wanting my DeviantArt instead.

Personal posts are more likely to be on my DeviantArt journal than here. I like to keep my stuff in their own places.

Original Fiction
Stories that may have been inspired from other work/people/ideas, but are essentially original. All stories can be read without background information. (Posted roughly in the order in which they were written.)

Jasper vs. Sadko: A hitman moves in for the kill, but little does he know, Jasper is ready for him. A wRHG battle.

To Hell and Back: A modern remix of the myth of Persephone and Hades in which the gods are instead influential people. A stage play in three parts.

Apples and Cinnamon: Two acquaintances come to terms with the death of a mutual close friend.

Fan Fiction
Stories that are explicitly tied to a fandom of some sort. I'm not big into fan fiction, but that doesn't mean I don't have any. All stories below assume vague familiarity with the fandom in question.

Essays on writing and related thoughts.

Addiction: I write for a lot of reasons. Comic format.

Sugar and Spice: A companion to "Apples and Cinnamon". Discusses origins, rewriting stories, verb tense, symbolism, interpretation, and themes.

Chinatown: A companion to "Jasper vs. Sadko". Discusses wRHG, plotting, and point of view.

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